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Network Technical Workshop

Time Schedule
Session 1 09:00 - 10:30
Break 10:30 - 11:00
Session 2 11:00 - 13:00
Lunch 13:00 - 14:00
Session 3 14:00 - 15:30
Break 15:30 - 16:00
Session 4 16:00 - 17:30

Facilitators and Coordinators

Initials Full NameOrganisation Web PageEmail Address Region/Country
GN Mr. Ghislain Nkeramugaba ISOC[] Rwanda
CM Mr. Cristian Muhirwa ISOC[] Rwanda
OSMr. Omar S.SalehZIXP/ANDRC[] Zanzibar
IB Mr. Issa H. Bakar MOICT[] Zanzibar
AY Mr. Abass J. Yahya ZIXP/MOIC[] @zixp.or.tzZanzibar
MMDr. Mzee S. Mndewa MOICT @gmail.comZanzibar

List of Participants

SN Full NameOrganisation Web PageEmail Address Region/Country
1Abdulrahman M. Abdulrahman MOICT[] Zanzibar
2 Shafii Choaji Zanlink[] Zanzibar
3Khuwailid M. ChombohMOICT[] Zanzibar
4 Issa H. Bakar MOICT[] Zanzibar
5 Abass J. Yahya ZIXP/MOIC[] @zixp.or.tzZanzibar
6Khamis M. Abdalla MOICT @gmail.comZanzibar
7 Samir Omar HajiZNCCIA[] DSM
8 Rashid S. Rashid ZSTC[] Zanzibar
9 Jina M.Iddi MOICT[] Zanzibar
10Nassor Kharusy PBZ[]
11Ali S. Mgambe MOICT @gmail.comZanzibar
12Maliha N. Kassim MOICT @gmail.comZanzibar
13 Mzee KH.Jecha MOEVT[] Zanzibar
14 Mwinyi H. Hakim ZAWA[] Zanzibar
15Nahat N. MohammedE-Gov-Z[]@smz.go.tzZanzibar
16 Salum J. Salum MOICT[] Zanzibar
17 Said B. Hassan ZU[] @gmail.comZanzibar
18Fatma H. JumaE-Gov-Z[]@smz.go.tzZanzibar
19Suleiman A. KhamisE-Gov-Z[]@smz.go.tzZanzibar
20Issa K. AliZIXP/Zanlink[] Zanzibar
21Abdullatif A. YassinZCSRA[] Zanzibar
22 Naima Maulid MOICT[] Zanzibar
Available reference materials [:References]
DAY1 Topic InstructorPresentationsExercisesTools Used
Introduction to IPv4 and IPv6 GN Exercise
Internet Number Resources Exercise-Basic Router Config +OSPF LAB
Routing Basics Exercise-Basic Router Config LAB
OSPF Introduction Exercise-Basic OSPF config LAB
OSPF for ISPs Exercise-OSPFfor ISPs Config LAB
Introduction to BGP Exercise Video
Basic IBGP Config Excercise - IBGP configLAB
BGP Scaling Techniques
BGP Atributes Excercise - iBGP and eBGP config LAB
BGP Policy Control
BGP Best Current Practices Excercise - BGP route filtering+advanced features LAB
Simple Multihoming
Advanced Multihoming Exercise-Multihoming Strategies LAB
ISP Network Design Exercise LAB
Values of Peering LAB
IXP Network Design Exercise-IXP Design LAB
Traffic-Monitoring-and-Flow-Analysis Exercise LAB
Selecting an IXP Exercise LAB
PeeringDB-and-Role-of-Peering-Coordinator Exercise LAB
ALL Exercise LAB
ALL Participant Problem Solving
All Certificate Presentation and Closing

Other Training Resources

Workshop Pictures

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